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Chloe's Needleminders

Hello Stitchers! 

I enjoyed everyone's excitement today regarding Chloe's Needleminders which are back instock.  Check out the photos and if you would like to place an order please follow the following procedure: 

1. You MUST EMAIL ME WITH YOUR ORDER!  Do not leave a phone message.

2. Orders will be processed in the order your email is received.

3. Each picture has a row number.  For example, in the first picture if you are interested in the "Purple Spotted Ladybug" you need to give a brief description with the row number and what position the needleminder is in the row. In this case: Purple Ladybug, Row 4, #3

4. I will be pulling orders after I arrive in the morning.  Please include your phone number in your email. 

Wooden or Plastic Button Needleminders $7 

I have included some close-ups so you have a better look at the first board.


Small Round Needleminders $12

Tree of Life, Llama and Emoji Needleminders $12

Large TyeDye and Motivational Needleminders $19

Rhinestone Border Needleminders $19

The following pictures are the "rest" of our Needleminders currently in stock.  If you see any that you just can't live without include those in your email and I will give you prices.  The top row features some beautiful pieces from Kelly Clark's new collection. If you have any questions regarding any of Chloe's Needleminders please do not hesitate to email me as well.  I am happy to send more close-up pictures for you to look at later in the day.  


Until tomorrow, happy shopping Stitchers!  Deb

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