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Happy Wednesday

Hello Stitchers! 

I hope you are all getting lots of stitching done and with that FINISHING your projects!  (I know many of have are picking projects from your stash that you didn't have time to get to before. - ME TOO!) I am happy to help with threads as much or as little as you need.  You can drop it off at the shop using curbside delivery and I will do my best to accommodate your requests.  This has been quite the week for finished project drop off and I thought I'd show you a couple. 


I can't wait to see these turned into usable objects so stay tuned for the results in about 16 weeks.  Yes, I did say 16 weeks.  Our finishers are taking items in, but many are working without their staff so we are already at a Christmas turn-a-round time frame.  The moral of this story is drop off as soon as you can because I think the Christmas deadline will be moved up to sometime in July at the latest.

New Needleminders from "Chloe's Needleminders" have arrived.  I will have them all priced and ready to go tomorrow. Pictures will be posted on our Facebook page, but here is a sneak peek for tonight.


I really love the letter and the firefly jar in the middle picture.  So many pretties!  Have a great night Stitchers!  Until tomorrow, Deb

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