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Happy Monday

Hello Stitchers!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!  It was so beautiful out on Saturday that is was almost a crime to not be outside.  I even started a new project.  For those of you who know my stitching habits well, you know basketweave is not my first stitch choice.  So what's my new project.....a basketweave eyeglass case from Pippin.  I can stitch and watch "The Handmaids Tale" on Hulu at the same time!  

Today we received several deliveries.  I should be getting to those tomorrow morning so stay tuned for some new canvases to hit the website. 

There is a new internet shopping opportunity available to all of you.  Victoria Whitson has included us in her "Support Your Local Shop" program.  You can shop directly form her website apply our unique Stitchers Garden code and receive free shipping.  Our code is:


Her collection of needlework accessories are perfect for travel and come in so many unique combinations it might be impossible to pick only ONE!  (I think I have two myself).  Follow the link to her website  and if nothing else it's something pretty to look at when you are feeling a little low. 

The Plum Stitchery trunk show is in full swing.  For those of you who have not participated in a virtual show before here's how it works:

1. Check out The Plum Stitchery on line
2. Email the shop with your questions
3. Once you've decided on which ones you can't live without, email us again with what you would like to purchase. 
4. I place an order once a week and when your item comes in you will get to purchase it at the trunk show price. 
5. If the item is in stock we will receive it right away, if it is back ordered I will notify you as soon as we get. 

Joanna has several Christmas ornaments that are just too fantastic for words.  Just a couple of cuties for today:

4" round, 18 mesh, $56, trunk show price $44.80             4" round, 18 mesh, $56, trunk show price $44.80

Stay tuned for more lovelies tomorrow.

  As pictured $75
More at

Enjoy your evening and keep on stitching. Deb

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