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Ready for the weekend!

Hello Stitchers! 

I hope you are all ready to enjoy a nice rainy Easter weekend.  My only question is "Why does it always seem to rain on Easter?" and this year with virtual services we don't even get to be fancy. 

A thank you goes out to one of my customers who caught my mistake on the new Alice Peterson "Teal Wedding Cake" pictured below.  The correct trunk show price is $105.60.  Late day email writing is obviously not my forte. 

New to you from Kathy Schenkel:

"Chicago Mini Sock with Heart Insert", 18 mesh, $63

"Blackhawks Feathers", 18 mesh, $70

  "Illini", 18 mesh, $70

"Cubs Dream Bar", 18 mesh, $51

And two Halloween cuties from EyeCandy Needlearts. 5.5" Stars, 18 mesh, $68  And to make it even better, I have a lead on stitch guides for each of these.  I don't know which one I like better!


Today's daily specials are brought to you by my daughter Grace.  She was hard at work with her favorite red pen and decided to take some new markdowns.  Follow the link to our website and take a look.  If you would like threads pulled to go along with your new treasure send an email and I will get back to you Monday or Tuesday.


Our first order with Alice Peterson has been sent off and I can hardly wait until the new canvases arrive.  There is a good chance I picked up a couple for myself and a couple more for the shop.  Please check out her website if you get a chance.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.  Do what makes you happy, even if you feel like you only have an hour to spare for yourself.  Looking forward to talking to you all on Monday.  Deb

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