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How are y'all doin'?

I hope this daily check-in finds you all doing well and not having any "thread" emergencies.  I need to thank each of you who have reached out and shopped online or over the phone.  You are all keeping me going whether it's one skein of thread or a brand new shiny canvas. I'll I can say is just "Thank You!".

New online specials:

EyeCandy's "Glamour Puss" with Stitch Guide $90

"Tooth Fairy Hinged Box" from Julia's Needleworks.  $113 including the book. Check out the stitched model as well.

New Arrivals

Kirk and Bradley:
Christmas in New York Taxi Cab $57

13 mesh new "Retro" series with all canvases retailing at $63

New travel rounds $79 each

Keep on stitching my friends. They keep telling me it reduces stress and if you need anything please check in with a phone call 630-946-6216 or an email.


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